It has been my pleasure to mediate several hundreds of disputes for parties and lawyers from many varied geographical locations and backgrounds.  I do not consider myself qualified to do family law/divorce/marital property rights mediations, and I have only done one car wreck mediation.  But I have done just about everything else.

While a lot of my friends think of me primarily as an employment mediator, and I do a lot of that, I have also done fire cases, a case about a defective bass boat, a case about millions of dollars of soup in Mexico and a matter involving bowling balls manufactured in Korea.  I mediate a good deal of bankruptcy cases, and many involving business divorces – partnership dissolutions or corporate restructuring.  I have done a number of construction-related disputes, from residences to office buildings to the monstrosity down the street on Broadway next to the old Pearl Brewery.  Speaking of beer, I have mediated disputes concerning wine and liquor in bonded warehouse facilities, and a dram-shop case involving a local sports bar.  I am also often used to mediate migrant farm worker and indigent person matters for Texas Rural Legal Aid.

If repeat business is a compliment, then I feel pretty good about myself.  One Dallas firm uses me almost exclusively.  I have mediated quite a bit for Sea World, UPS and Halliburton.  One local Plaintiffs employment attorney has used me 27 times, and one local defense firm has used me 23 times.  Here are some of the attorneys that I have had the pleasure of mediating with.


My list of arbitration references is only going to be about 50% of the list for mediation, because in arbitration I have to rule against one side.  Unfortunately, while that is true, I do have a number of attorneys and companies that I have ruled against in a particular matter that continue to use me as an arbitrator.  My arbitrations have been as varied as my mediations.  While a number of my arbitrations have involved some aspect of employment law, I have also arbitrated matters involving commercial leases, offshore drilling technology, payor/payee disputes between physician and insurance company, a lengthy fight over a non-compete agreement between hospital and doctor, a large breach of fiduciary duty/squeeze out case between partners and an international arbitration case involving the third-largest construction company in the world.  I am also beginning to do more and more traditional labor/management arbitrations.  I recently concluded a case between a major bank that had received TARP funds and a U.S. Congressman.


It Makes Sense . .

Parties retain me to arbitrate and mediate for them because of my experience, impartiality and thoroughness. It is my nature to determine all the facts . . .



After being shareholder and practice group leader in one of San Antonio’s major law firms, Bill Lemons formed his professional corporation in 1997 hoping to become less involved in litigation, and more involved in dispute resolution – mediation, arbitration, case evaluation and consulting. That is now all he does. He is now blessed with a full-time ADR practice. Assisted by his wife, Pam, they have set up their offices so that counsel and their clients alike can ...