Admitted as a qualified Neutral on the ADR rosters of most Texas U.S. District Courts and Bankruptcy Courts, Bill Lemons completed initial  Commercial Arbitrator Training (AAA – 1999), Advanced International Arbitrator Training (ICDR – 2010) and between those years has completed approximately five hundred hours of Advanced Arbitrator Training by AAA, CCA, CPR, the Chartered Institute and the State Bar of Texas.  Has taught the Arbitration Advocacy skills course for the AAA and various webinars pertaining to domestic and international arbitration. Attended the Tenth Annual Meeting of the College of Commercial Arbitrators (Dana Point, California, October, 2010) and was a national trainer at the AAA/ICDR Neutrals Conference (Orlando, Florida, November, 2010).  Was one of 15 persons invited that year to attend, and attended, the 2010 ICDR International Symposia in Advanced Case Management Issues and Chairing the ICDR International Arbitral Tribunal; Attended AAA Neutrals’ Conference and completed 2009 ACE courses (Coronado Island: Collective Action and the Fair Labor Standards Act and Topical Issues and Case Law in Arbitration); Attended 2005 ACE courses (Palm Springs, March, 2005), attended AAA Neutrals’ Conference (San Antonio, March, 2004) and completed ACE003 requirements (Arbitrator Ethics and Disclosure), attended AAA Neutrals’ Conference (Providence, August, 2003) and completed ACE001 and ACE002 requirements (Safeguarding, Deciding and Writing Awards and Pro Se: Managing Cases Involving Self-Represented Parties); Attended Employment Arbitrator II Training (Phoenix, February, 2002), AAA Arbitrator Update (2001), AAA Commercial Arbitrator Training (Dallas, December, 1999), AAA National Arbitration Conclave (San Francisco, November, 1999) and first Neutrals’ Retreat (Orlando, October, 1998).  Has assisted the American Arbitration Association in teaching dispute resolution/arbitration skills, including serving as facilitator and instructor to Coca Cola Enterprises, Inc., Zachry Construction Corporation and Alamo Community College District.



It Makes Sense . .

Parties retain me to arbitrate and mediate for them because of my experience, impartiality and thoroughness. It is my nature to determine all the facts . . .



After being shareholder and practice group leader in one of San Antonio’s major law firms, Bill Lemons formed his professional corporation in 1997 hoping to become less involved in litigation, and more involved in dispute resolution – mediation, arbitration, case evaluation and consulting. That is now all he does. He is now blessed with a full-time ADR practice. Assisted by his wife, Pam, they have set up their offices so that counsel and their clients alike can ...